The background to the program is that there are many challenges for entrepreneurs and leaders when it comes to developing their organization to effectively sell and deliver Information Management solutions. Challenges that typically can be linked to knowledge gaps among employees, both in terms of business understanding and how to act as a consultant or advisor to create customer value that can be converted into revenue and profitability. 

Recurring challenges,for resellers, salespeople and consultants in the realm of Information Management solutions, recurring challenges experienced include prolonged sales cycles, lower volumes than expected, difficulties in achieving set sales targets, and converting invested time into billable time. 

Our program is designed to address these challenges by transforming consultants and consultative salespeople into  business-driving experts in Information Management (IM).

The participants are guided through a carefully designed process that enhances their capabilities by providing key competencies in business understanding, consulting processes, and effective management of corporate information The program is conducted over 6 weeks, during which we alternate between digital instructor-led sessions, self-study in our digital learning platform, and practical tasks to be completed and provided with feedback on after each module. 

Goals of the program

For the company, entrepreneur, and management

Our aim is to provide a structured program that streamlines the onboarding of new colleagues while equipping existing employees with the right tools and conditions to drive effective business processes within information management. By providing a structured process, we free up time in your organization that would otherwise be needed to handle the entire process. This reduces the risk of negative impacts on day-to-day business and instead enables a focus on growth and profitability.

For the participant

Our goal is to provide participants with quick access to expert knowledge based on many years of work in information management. By participating in our program, individuals have the opportunity to implement successful methods in their daily operations, accelerating their personal success and long-term sustainability in the industry. By providing structured and thoughtful training, we enable a faster learning curve and increased competency level for each participant, creating a win-win situation for both the individual and the company.

The program's different modules

Our training program is divided into three modules, each designed to cover different important aspects of the business process, from customer understanding to expertise in information management. The program is conducted over a period of 6 weeks, where we alternate between theory, practice, and continuously test the participants' level of knowledge.

Each module is designed to build upon the previous one, creating a comprehensive learning experience that prepares participants for success in every aspect of their professional roles.

Understanding the customer, the company, the management, and their information needs.

  • Föreläsningar
  • Praktiska uppgifter
  • Kunskapstest

Description of content:

This module focuses on understanding the customer deeply, with the customer in the program being limited to the limited company.

We go through the customer's needs for information management, the company's structure, and the management's information requirements.

By delving deeply into these areas, we equip participants with the knowledge to effectively identify and meet the specific needs of each customer, which is crucial for building long-term and successful relationships.

What participants should master after the module:

  • Grundläggande kunskap om ett företags informationsbärare
  • Grundläggande kunskap om hur man analyserar ett företags behov av informationshantering
  • Grundläggande kunskap om återkommande och universella arbetsflöden inom en organisation.
  • Grundläggande kunskap om hur man segmenterar och gör urval av potentiella kunder att bearbeta med sina produkter och tjänster.
  • Grundläggande kunskap för att skapa en ”hotlist” av potentiella kunder för bolaget att bearbeta med ett IM erbjudande.

Develop business acumen, sales, and consulting processes.

  • Föreläsningar
  • Praktiska uppgifter
  • Kunskapstest

Description of content:

The focus here is on developing business acumen, as well as refining participants' skills in sales and consulting processes.

This module aims to broaden participants' understanding of business dynamics and strengthen their ability to drive and develop consultative business, from initial contact to completed deal.

What participants should master after the module:

  • Grundläggande kunskap i den konsultativa affären, hur man driver processen för att skapa lönsam tillväxt.
  • Grundläggande kunskap om hur man bedriver ett konsultativt arbete där man med förtroende kan konvertera nedlagd tid till fakturerad tid.
  • Grundläggande kunskap om och vikten av att kunna skapa merförsäljning för att öka kundvärdet och ens egna marginaler.
  • Grundläggande kunskap om hur man skapar en story som bygger förtroende och skapar intresse hos kund.
  • Grundläggande förståelse för hur man skapar ett affärsförslag som möter kundens behov av beslutsunderlag.

From pre-study to execution, focusing on information management.

  • Föreläsningar
  • Praktiska uppgifter
  • Kunskapstest

Description of content:

In the third and final module, we focus on the process from pre-study to execution, with a particular emphasis on information management.

Participants will learn to navigate through the various stages of projects, develop strategies for information management, and apply best practices to deliver results that exceed customer expectations.

What participants should master after the module:

  • Övergripande kunskap i vår konsultativ säljmetodik som skapar värde för kunden.
  • Förståelse för vad man måste göra för att i kundens perspektiv förflyttas från säljare och konsult till rådgivare och expert.
  • Grundläggande kunskaper om hur man analyserar en kunds affärs- och arbetsprocesser.
  • Insikt i bästa praxis på hur man ska utföra ett IM projekt och hur man ska kommunicera till kunden för att skapa förtroende.
  • Insikt om vikten av dokumentation i processen och hur det ska kommuniceras till kunden.

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The target audience for the program

The program is designed to meet the needs of three specific target groups within the Information Management industry: new salespeople and consultants during onboarding, existing employees responsible for IM sales, and leaders and managers overseeing these processes.

The program aims to quickly and effectively build necessary competencies in new team members, improve skills and productivity among current staff, and strengthen leadership abilities to promote collaboration and growth within the organization. Through this comprehensive approach, we create a solid foundation for success across all levels of the company.


The program is developed to meet the needs of new salespeople and consultants within Information Management.

The goal is to quickly ensure their competence to streamline the onboarding process in their new roles. By providing a comprehensive introduction to the critical aspects of Information Management, we ensure that new employees have the tools and knowledge they need to immediately contribute to the company's success.

Our focus on real-world learning and practice-based tasks ensures that participants can apply their new knowledge directly in their roles, leading to a faster and more effective integration into the team and the company's processes.


The program is particularly suitable for supporting and developing existing employees with responsibilities in the company's Information Management (IM) sales processes.

The program aims to enrich these employees' knowledge and skills, which in turn will increase their productivity and ability to create value. By offering a deeper understanding and new skills within IM, the program prepares participants to effectively meet and exceed the demands and expectations of their roles.

The goal is to provide these key employees with the tools and knowledge they need to not only improve their own performance but also contribute to the company's overall success.


The program also targets leaders and managers responsible for the sales of Information Management solutions.

By educating the management level as well, we create a common platform for communication and collaboration within the organization. This not only leads to a more unified understanding of strategies and goals but also creates conditions for accelerated growth.

The program is designed to strengthen leaders' ability to effectively manage and develop their teams, which directly contributes to increased productivity and value creation within the company.

Practice-based learning

We employ an educational model that combines theoretical knowledge with practical exercises.By applying this methodology over a period, participants are given the opportunity to not only learn in theory but also to apply this knowledge in practice. This process allows participants to test and develop their skills in real-life situations. Additionally, we place great emphasis on individual responsibility for their own development, which becomes especially clear when, in connection with theory sessions for modules 2 and 3, participants provide feedback on how they have performed with the practical tasks they have been given.


We use a method where theory is followed by tests to confirm understanding of knowledge. This ensures that participants not only learn the theory but also can apply it practically. The training is conducted through both digitally instructor-led module sessions and self-study in our online training platform.  


We integrate practical exercises in the periods between theory sessions for each module. These practical tasks are designed to give participants the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge in practice, with a focus on promoting both individual development and business opportunities for the company. By directly linking the exercises to realistic tasks, we strengthen participants' ability to effectively contribute to the company's business pipeline.


We believe in striving for performance and that one should measure their own performance and compare it with like-minded individuals. Therefore, after completing the program, we provide the opportunity to access anonymized benchmarking statistics against previous participants in the program.

Program completion

After completing our onboarding and training program within the Information Management Acceleration Program, your employees are ready to take your business to new heights. By adding key competencies in business understanding, consulting processes, and effective management of corporate information, they are equipped to drive your business processes with precision and efficiency.

The result? An accelerated sales of software licenses and consulting hours for solution development is not just a dream but a concrete possibility. With increased knowledge and skills, your employees will be able to identify and seize business opportunities in a more proactive manner, thereby increasing the likelihood of successful business transactions.

But it doesn't stop there. By freeing up time and resources from onboarding and skill-building activities, you will be able to maintain focus on driving the ongoing business forward. Your new and existing colleagues take the fast track to becoming experts in information management, creating a strong foundation for future success.

So get ready to cross the finish line to success. With our program, you're equipped to not just survive, but to thrive in today's fast-paced business world.

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