Sales Acceleration program

Our Sales Acceleration Program is designed to ensure a common knowledge platform for sales and business-driving activities within the organization. It provides new and experienced employees with the tools they need to streamline sales efforts, foster collaboration, and maximize business results.

The program is modular and teaches a consultative sales methodology through inspiring lectures, alternating with digital theory sessions with knowledge assessments and practical exercises linked to daily work.

information management acceleration program

Our Information Management (IM) Acceleration Program aims to establish a unified knowledge base for companies seeking to expand their software sales and consulting services within the IM domain.

In a time where technical expertise and business acumen are increasingly intertwined, many organizations face a challenge: a lack of competency that hinders growth and efficiency.

By combining theory with practical application, the program offers a module-based education that not only enhances the business acumen of the sales team but also sharpens the business strategic skills of consultants.

The participants are equipped with a consultative working method that transforms them into domain experts within IM, capable of driving sales forward, increasing customer satisfaction, and promoting profitability.

The benefits of a structured program  

Ensure quality

The program minimizes the learning curve for new employees, enhances productivity, and promotes long-term success.

Foster collaboration

The program promotes collaboration by establishing a common thread throughout the workflow. By sharing expertise and working methods, collaboration becomes more natural and efficient.

Value your time

The program entails significant time savings for the organization. Existing employees can focus on driving business instead of engaging in recurring training.

Increase sales

The program can lead to greater business success by enhancing employees' skills and efficiency, while also increasing their motivation and engagement.

What do our previous participants say about our programs?

"This particular training has given me more than all the other training sessions the company has had since I started 10 years ago."

Senior Key Account Manager

"After completing all modules, I have taken away many lessons, both theoretically and practically, that ACTUALLY have value in my daily work. Peter, you're awesome!"

Pre-Sale Consultant

"Very rewarding and a great sales training; personally, I wish I had the opportunity to attend it about 20 years ago when I was fairly new to sales."

Key Account Manager

"A much more concrete training focusing on a successful approach tailored to a salesperson's reality. This is unlike other product-oriented training sessions we've had before."

Solutions Account Manager

"Very good and inspiring course, several 'aha' moments despite having many years in the industry!"

Senior Key Account Manager

"In the training, we learned what it takes to become a skilled businessman. What I want to highlight is that the training was like a workshop. We did tests, discussed in groups, and also heard about different scenarios that can occur during a sales process... The training gets the highest rating. This is the best sales training I have attended."

Account Manager

"Module 6 was brilliant. Overall, very good topics and execution. I can see value in delving deeper into the new customer process towards large companies as we discussed yesterday. I believe that one needs to be much more precise than before to secure those meetings."

Key Account Manager

"I would like to recommend Peter Jankevics to sales-focused organizations looking to increase their sales and ROI on their employees. On several occasions, my colleagues and I learned from step 1 to the final stage when it comes to conducting a more complex sale. And why it's important to have a structure, prioritize time correctly, and of course, how to influence your paycheck. The course was useful for both those who have been with us for a longer time and also for the new colleagues. Many thanks, Peter, hope we get to have you back in the near future again."

Account Manager

"Great content ranging from understanding how a company is structured to what drives a buyer to make a deal."

Pre-Sales Consultant

Peter's passionate commitment to the subject and well-prepared material make the course interesting and relevant.

Sales Manager

"Great training with small tests between sessions that make you aware of the need to listen and participate in the training."

Key Account Manager

"Impressed by the knowledge and drive that you share!"

Account Manager

"A great class, with a lot of information. Something one can use in their sales work with little implementation time."

Account Manager

"Inspirational and valuable content from someone who has real experience in what we do during the day."

Sales Manager

"Simple and understandable for an ordinary person, even with many years of experience, one can always learn something new and be reminded of things that are forgotten."

Key Account Manager

"Great and clear training that teaches valuable insights."

Key Account Manager

"Personally, I appreciated steps 3-6 the most as they were the ones I needed the most guidance in. It was a good training, well done!"

Key Account Manager

About us


Our onboarding and training programs have been developed by Peter Jankevics, who, with a successful career in the IT industry, has experienced most of the challenges one can encounter when selling products and services, leading a company, developing a team, transforming new colleagues into productive employees, or inspiring experienced colleagues to apply new strategies, all while maintaining responsibility for results.

It's easy to fall into prioritizations where one thing takes precedence over another, which can quickly lead to problems.

Our programs are designed to address this issue and ensure that one doesn't have to compromise either the onboarding process, individual development, or the results in business operations.

Therefore, we have developed training programs suitable for companies that conduct consultative sales processes, where the focus is on creating customer value rather than selling based on price.

Through a combination of inspiring lectures, practical theory, and realistic tasks, we will focus participants on developing their and the company's sales pipeline. 

With performance as the focus and knowledge in place, the result will increase

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