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Our onboarding and training programs have been developed as a solution to the challenges often encountered when selling products and services, leading a company, developing a team, transforming new colleagues into productive employees, or inspiring experienced colleagues to implement new strategies to secure the future. and typically while also having accountability for results..

It's easy to fall into prioritizations where one thing takes precedence over another, which can quickly lead to problems.

Our programs are designed to address this issue and ensure that one doesn't have to compromise either the onboarding process, individual development, or the results in business operations.

Each program consists of carefully selected modules, collectively covering a comprehensive knowledge base and a selection of proven tools. Over the years, these have contributed to educating and developing many salespeople and consultants to become successful in their field.

We have chosen to create training programs suitable for companies that engage in consultative sales processes, where the focus is on creating customer value rather than selling on price. 

Through a combination of inspiring lectures, practical theory, and realistic tasks, we will focus participants on developing their and the company's sales pipeline. 

We know that with performance as the focus and the knowledge in place, the results will increase.

Our Founder

About Peter Jankevics

All our programs are created by Peter Jankevics, with extensive experience in sales and leadership in the IT industry.

Peter, holding a degree in Industrial Economics from Jönköping University, began his career by selling insurance over the phone to individuals, an experience that served as a launching pad for his professional development in sales.

His ability and drive propelled him to Canon, where after applying for the position of new business sales representative targeting companies, he quickly advanced to Account Manager and subsequently to Key Account Manager. During this period, he distinguished himself as the Salesperson of the Year twice and a member of the prestigious top sales club.

After three years, Peter took the step up to Sales Manager, a position that not only highlighted his talent in sales but also his ability to develop business acumen in others. During this time, he initiated a national onboarding program for new salespeople, which continues to bear fruit through its alumni who now hold prominent positions in sales and product management.

After a couple of years, Peter was appointed Regional Manager in Stockholm and CEO of XL Office Team, two roles where he continued to prioritize development and success for both employees and customers. 

A consistent theme throughout Peter's career has been his ability to integrate digital tools to optimize and streamline business processes.

Now he leads CIDIDO AB, a consulting firm dedicated to enhancing clients' success, where we equip teams with tools and expertise to navigate successfully in today's competitive markets.

Peter represents a rare combination of deep experience in sales and technology. He has held leadership positions both as a supplier and as a customer/purchaser. In these roles, he has not only been a salesperson or a buyer but has actively driven the digitization of corporate processes, giving him a unique understanding of the technical and business strategic aspects of digitization projects.

This rare experience of bridging the gap between sales, technology, and customer needs facilitates a collaboration that few can emulate. It is Peter's knowledge and experience that have been used to create our training programs, programs where he not only delivers value to the participants but also lays a powerful foundation for success in the digitally driven business world.

His passion for development, both in individuals and their businesses, continues to be a strong driving force in his work.

A clear example of this is his creation of the training programs Sales Acceleration Program and Information Management Acceleration Program.

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